Still here. Not changed, just different

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2 min readMay 30, 2021


I don’t really let it bother me, you’ll see I’m still on top of my game

I didn’t know what I wanted to be but I was every aspiring schoolgirl’s pride and joy. To win the race, I had to have brand new clothes and a fancy house. But today, the way I play the game is not the same. To take these lies and make them true somehow.

Life has taught me you can make a lot of noise in silence.

Since setting up Shaz Designs, I have had all sorts of adventures, meeting new people, long nights of working, and getting peanuts in return.

Working has taught me just about everything I know. It made me the person I am today: how I solve problems, exercise my mind, and think creatively.

“providing solutions with imagination and unique creativity”

Founder, Shaziya Ramji

I just know it will pay off — eventually. It might be today, tomorrow, or further down the line. It feels a bit like starting from scratch all over again, but, then, that’s life. It depends on how you look at it; I call it continuous improvement.

Of one thing I am sure: you don’t have to be a celebrity in your industry to get work. You just have to be noticed. The path you take after that is entirely yours.

I could just give you a resume of my achievements, but I would rather show you… and share all my experiences to impact your journey.

So, guess who’s back? Shaz is back… tell a friend! Everybody, just follow me. ’Cause we all need a little controversy. ’Cause, it feels so empty, without me!

Inspired by one of my favourite tunes, EminemWithout Me




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